Listra's Encryption Tool

Caesar Chiper
Code Shift
Encyption Key (must be relatively prime to 220)
Use Listra's Encryption Method
Unencrypted TextEncrypted Text


First select an encryption algorithm you would like to use.
- Caesar Chiper: Specify a code shift whose value is a non-zero integer. Uses Listra's Encryption Method and then shifts text code by specified value.
- RSA: Specify an encryption key. It must be a positive integer that is relatively prime to 220 (greatest common divisor of them equals to 1); please keep it secure. Uses Listra's Encryption Method and then encodes the text. Very slow (depends on value of encryption key) but very difficult to hack.
- Use Listra's Encryption Method: Check to use a special encryption method. It's difficult to hack when combined with one of algorithms above.

(For encrypting a text)
- Insert a plain text in Unencrypted Text area.
- Click "Encrypt" button.
- An encrypted text will appear in Encrypted Text area.
(For decrypting a text)
- Insert an encrypted text (that was made with this tool with the same configuration) in Encrypted Text area.
- Click "Decrypt" button.
- A decrypted plain text will appear in Unencrypted Text area.

Copyrighted by Alissa Liu
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Listra's Encryption Tool 1.1 (Beta) [ Versions changelog ]
NB: The program might not work properly for all cases (especially for RSA algorithm and/or Listra's Encryption Method) that it may mutate the text a little when decrypting the encrypted one.